Are you ​optimized for profits?

​We are ​accountants and financial experts who simplify your ​Real Estate business finances to help you achieve your goals and build lasting wealth.

When was the last time your Tax Professional came to you with advi​ce on saving money on taxes ???

Does getting your ​tax professional to bring you Tax Strategies always feels like pulling teeth​??? ​Well it’s not their fault! Your ​tax professional ​may do an amazing at recording history with your tax returns, but In the hustle and bustle of tax season your ​tax professional just doesn't have the time or in many cases enough expertise in your situation to dig in, research, explain, and hope you exploit all of the legal and above board strategies that are available to ​REAL ESTATE Professionals.

At some point, though, most ​R​eal Estate Professionals wonder…am I really getting all of the deductions I deserve?

​We specialize in knowing all the ins and outs that you face as Real Estate Professionals.


​What we do

​We use real-time financial data to help ​Real Estate Pro's understand how they can drive revenue growth, manage expenses, and save money on taxes

Tax Planning

​We take a proactive approach, monitoring your unique financial situation and planning tax minimization strategies that allow you to keep more of your hard-earned money.


​You need accurate, real-time data to run your ​business effectively and capitalize on opportunities. We benchmark your ​business against similar ​businesses to see what can be improved.


We pay your bills, pay your employees, reconcile accounts and credit cards, and provide real-time financial reports so you can know your numbers and make data-driven decisions.

Financial Planning

​The primary goal of ​working hard is to create wealth for you and your family. We help you come up with actionable goals and help you stay on the right track.


We do educational workshops for the real estate community.

When's the last time you had a complete review of your ​business structure, accounting, and taxes?

We invite you to meet with our Real Estate Tax Specialist Jarrod Barton, for a FREE 15-minute consultation to review your particular situation and determine how we might be able to help you!

Schedule a free strategy call with us now. We'll go over everything with you to make sure you're fully leveraging your ​business to create lasting wealth.

Are you fed up with paying more than you should on taxes and watching your hard-earned cash drain out of your bank account each year?

Is your ​tax professional unhelpful and unimaginative, leaving you with the same old tired strategies and reactive planning?

​Could you use some extra cashflow to improve your business or lifestyle?

If You're Sick Of Paying More Than You Need To In Taxes, Then This Will Be The Most Important Information You Read All Year

Our Ironclad Guarantee

With any ​investment in our Tax Planning services you will receive our ​Estimated Return on Investment ​Results ​Assessment. If your ROI is less than 3X your investment we will cut you a check for the difference! Assuming that you implement all of the strategies we suggest​.

Where else can you get 3X on your money guaranteed?!

With our Strategic Tax Planning program with Jarrod Barton, we make it our mission to help you reach YOUR financial goals. We can coordinate with your tax professional to help you implement all the “big boy” tax strategies in your financial life and get more money in your pocket now!

With our proprietary Tax Reduction ​​​Plan you will learn about all the massive tax savings strategies available to Real Estate professionals.

You will obtain step-by-step instructions on how to save the money for yourself to invest in your business, finally pay-off that debt, or buy that dream car!

Our team specializes in strategies, loopholes, options, missed opportunities, and tiny tweaks that will make an ENORMOUS difference to your tax bill! 

​Let us help you put your money back where it belongs - IN YOUR POCKET!!

Using our Missed Opportunity Matrix, we scan over 300 strategies to see which can be applied to your situation and provide a detailed report including legal tax code backup and savings strategies tips to help you get the biggest bang for your buck!

 O​K- I am ready!!! What are the next steps so I can get my tax savings ASAP?!